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property management


Once a development opportunity is sourced and the decision is made to invest, Landwin Management assumes the role of "master manager" to oversee the project.

Landwin's management services encompass every aspect of a full-service real estate investment and development enterprise, including:

  • Managing funds, SMAs and joint ventures
  • Managing legal affairs
  • Rent collection
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Debt service and other expenses
  • Leasing and tenant relations
  • Property maintenance
  • All development, re-development and construction management
  • Executing all property and project plans, plus all asset management services, including reporting, cash flow and profit distributions, tax management and refinancing.


At Landwin Management, we believe that the manager's role is not merely to protect our client's investment, but also to find ways to enhance its profit potential. That is why our staff and teams of specialists and construction professionals regularly inspect our properties and look for opportunities for improvement.

If new or better tenants are required, we'll find them. If additional rental space can be added, we'll add it. If tenants have a periodic lull in their business, we'll help them so we don't lose them. By taking these actions, our present portfolio is providing our investors with monthly returns. 

Please contact us directly with any further questions about our management services.