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Landwin has been in the real estate investment business for over 36 years and we have even more experience has real estate owners and developers. As a result of over 54 years of commercial real estate experience we know what we’re looking for and we won’t waste your time. If we like what we see we are prepared to invest equity into any deal.


What We Want: Outstanding Real Estate Investment Properties

At Landwin we are always looking for our next property investment. If you have a commercial property that you believe may fit out criteria, please contact us today and let us know.

What We’re Seeking

Landwin currently buys office and industrial properties and other opportunities trending up with long-term sustainability in primary or secondary major metropolitan areas. At present we are concentrating our major buying efforts throughout the western states, Hawaii, Florida and the New York City Metropolitan Area. We may consider expanding investment areas in the future.

We concentrate on stabilized, income-producing core properties with a good history of successful returns to the previous investor.

We will consider distressed properties if they fit our location criteria and if we believe we can upgrade them to our high quality standard.

Our preference is typically properties priced between $5 million and $30 million. We will consider larger opportunities typically through a joint venture with the property owner or another real estate investment firm.

What We Need

What We Need We require the following information before making an initial determination of interest:

  • Location description with aerials
  • Demographics
  • Site plan
  • Pro forma including rent roll with tenant information, specifically lease terms, options and rent increases

Under normal economic conditions we ask for a 30-day due diligence and a 30-day close. Under certain circumstances we may require additional time to secure proper debt financing.

Please call us directly with any further questions about our property acquisition guidelines or to schedule an appointment.


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